Managing a marina successfully requires:

An executive staff who are steeped in yachting tradition and modern practice; who can imbue their work force with the ideals of friendly, efficient customer service; and who are dedicated to the safe, legal and environmentally responsible operation of the marina, as well as to its financial success.

Administrative policies and procedures that comply with current legal and regulatory requirements; insurance targeted for the marina and its needs; accounting procedures and reporting to ensure profitability and predict trends.

Marketing and advertising with a sophisticated, factual, soft-sell approach that appeals to the boating public and that takes advantage of personalization and social media to increase customer satisfaction and repeat business.

A work force that understands friendly, personal service and operates efficiently to provide a memorable experience for all the marina’s customers across the full range of the marina’s amenities.

Louis Sola and his family have a passion for the sea that communicates directly to their clients. They understand boaters, their likes and dislikes, their needs and wants.

Family-owned Evermarine sells high-end yachts. In fact, they account for over a third of Bertram’s global sales. In the last five years, they’ve won many awards for sales and for service. The luxury Ferretti Group named Evermarine its outstanding new dealership. They are the sole representative for the Tiara Sport Fishing and Cruising Yachts for Panama, Costa Rica and Colombia. As a result of their stellar achievements, they were selected as the first dealership in the Americas for the Caterpillar Financial Marine Division International Floorplan Program. The qualities that have made Evermarine so successful as a yacht brokerage apply to the special needs of marina management.

Evermarine administration and staff love what they do, and it shows in every interaction with every client. Closing the sale of a luxury yacht takes dedication, persistence, problem-solving, and plain, old-fashioned hard work. Evermarine continues to set sales records because its ownership and staff work hard and work smart. Evermarine understands the immeasurable value of satisfied clients.

Louis Sola and the Evermarine staff make the post-sale the most important aspect of their work. They take pains to ensure that their customer has no problem with any aspect of yacht ownership, and that each client enjoys his new boat

This view to the long-term relationship, rather than to the quick commission, means that Louis Sola and Evermarine can develop client-friendly practices and procedures, and can train and monitor a work force that provides them every day to every boater. In turn, this hallmark of service will ensure not only repeat marina clients, but loyal fans who actively promote the marina to their fellow boating enthusiasts.

Louis Sola graduated from the University of Illinois and became an accountant. In 2005, he founded Evermarine, a yacht brokerage. In 2006, Sola won the “Outstanding Salesman of the Year Award” from Bertram and Evermarine won both the “Outstanding New Dealership of the Year” and the “International Dealership of the Year” awards.

Since then, Evermarine, which is headquartered in Panama, has opened offices in Belize, Costa Rica, Columbia, and Guatemala. Louis Sola’s passion for yachts and yachting, his attention to detail, and his dedication to customer service have made Evermarine a success, and they will help make your marina successful as well.

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